Confidential advisor

Study association TeMa does not tolerate any form of harassment or victimisation and expects all members of the association to treat each other with respect, courtesy and consideration. TeMa is committed to promoting an inclusive culture that encourages equality, values diversity and maintains an integral learning and social environment in which the rights and dignity of all members are respected. Undesirable behaviours are understood as actions that harm your personal integrity. Behaviours such as sexual intimidation, aggression, discrimination, violence or bullying are not tolerated within our study association. These behaviours can be expressed in the forms of verbal, nonverbal, physical, digital, by phone (messages, email, group chats etc). 

Sometimes the formal procedures within the University may not feel comfortable for you. TeMa has appointed two confidential advisors who can support you, when you feel the need to talk to a fellow student. This is always someone within the TeMa Board, and someone outside of the Board. The confidential advisors are there for smaller and larger personal matters:

  • If you have experienced (or have witnessed) an undesirable event and would like to report it, you can contact a confidential advisor.
  • If you are going through a though time because of difficulties regarding study, relationships, mental health or other personal matters, you can contact a confidential advisor.

The confidential advisor can listen, advise and explore with you the options. The confidential advisors treats all conversations confidentially and will never share any information without your permission. Below are brief introductions of the current confidential advisors, so that you can choose who you would like to speak with. You can contact the confidential advisers in various ways. The contact details are described per person.

Kristyn van der Veen

Hey! My name is Kristyn van der Veen, 22 years old and grew up in Friesland. Currently I’m writing my bachelor thesis for Business Administration track TM. This has been a big challenge for me. When I failed to finish my bachelor within 3 years, I felt very dissapointed. I contacted the Student Service Centre for help, one of their employees supported me in my planning skills. Next to this, I have had contact with the Study advisor and even a psychologist a few years ago. With these experiences, I can guide you where to go with whatever bumps on the road you might experience. Additionally, to become a confidential advisor, I followed training which ensures my objectivity. I’m here to provide a listening ear for any of your thoughts, letting it be regarding study, relationship stress or other personal problems. Even if it is just something small you would like to share without judgment. As I am a former Board member of the TeMa, I might come across as an 'insider'. However, I am very aware of this and I am able to seperate these two roles. My aim as confidential advisor is to accommodate an easily accessible channel within the association, be it via a call, Whatsapp-message (+31 6 29912967), mail ( or in the corridors at Zernike. 

Kristyn van der Veen

Martijn Tannemaat

Hi, I’m Martijn Tannemaat! Together with Kristyn, I will be the confidential advisor of TeMa. Right now i'm in the middle of my bachelor's in Business Administration and I’m doing a board year at TeMa this year. I’m 20 years old, grew up in Enschede and have been living in Groningen since 2020 (during corona). In the beginning I really didn't like living in Groningen and it was a very difficult time for me. I missed the social contacts and needed someone who could offer me a listening ear. It is very important for me to be there for everyone who feels the need for that. I hope to be able to assist the members of TeMa in an accessible way with the things that come their way. You are in control of the situation and together with Kristyn I will be there to help or support you whenever needed. If there is anything you want to share with one of us without judgment or if there is anything you would like to get off your chest, you can always contact me on Whatsapp or via a call on +31 6 12891386. I’m also reachable via mail: and always approachable and available for a chat if you see me!

Martijn Tannemaat