The (pre-)masters Technology & Operations Management (TOM), Supply Chain Management and the Double Degree in Operations Management belong to the target audience of TeMa.

The master Technology & Operations Management focuses on planning and controlling actions during the whole life cycle of products and services, and on introducing and designing technical innovations for companies. Core aspects are operations management concepts, factory design, planning, business process modelling and asset management.

The master Supply Chain Management focuses on the design and coordination of supply chains and on the planning and control of supply chain operations. Besides, you will learn to deal with relevant trends. Core aspects are supply chain strategy, logistics, network design, coordination and cooperation within the supply chain. Furthermore, attention will be paid to planning and control of operations in production, distribution and service environments. You will also gain insights in improvement management.

‚ÄčThe Double Degree in Operations Management is a 90 ECTS program at the University of Groningen and Newcastle University Business School (UK) that enables students to deepen their knowledge and skills in Operations Management, Technology Management and Supply Chain Management. Besides is improves the general intellectual development, including the improved capacity for research, problem solving, critical thinking and analysis.

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