Board of 2022-2023

The 14th Board of TeMa consists of five dedicated students. The Board is responsible for leading the association on a daily basis. The Board manages and organizes an association with more than 500 members! Together with the committee members, the Board is responsible for organizing different events each year. Being a Board member of the technology study association in the Netherlands is an enjoyable and highly educational experience! 

Are you interested in becoming a board member? Do you want to develop yourself professionally and socially? And do you want to get the most out of your student life? Apply for the TeMa Board 2023-2024! You can apply by sending your resume and motivation letter to Want more information? Check out our Board Information Flyer

f.l.t.r. Martijn Tannemaat (Internal Relations), Jennifer Zhang (Secretary & Promotion), Thomas van der Geest (Chairman), Pevi Wijngaarden (Treasurer) and Bram Fortuijn (External Relations & Vice-Chairman)


Chairman - Thomas van der Geest

Function description

The chairman is ultimately responsible for the functioning of TeMa and is, therefore, the final representative to the outside world. You will be seen as the face of the association. Moreover, the chairman focuses on the cooperation between all board members and the long-term strategy of the TeMa. Finally, the president is responsible for ensuring that TeMa's mission and vision are effectively put to practice.

About Thomas: 

“Hola! My name is Thomas van der Geest and I am thrilled to be next year’s Chairman of TeMa Board 2022-2023. Currently, I am finishing up the last year of my bachelor of Business Administration. Next year, I will start with the master Supply Chain Management. After having lived in Mexico for three years, I moved to the beautiful city of Groningen to experience Dutch student life. In my spare time, I love to play hockey and golf, travel the world, and of course, go out for (some) drinks with friends. After the horrible times of Covid, I really want to take on additional activities next to my studies, and make up for the missed contacts and social moments. Therefore, I took this wonderful opportunity to be part of the 14th TeMa board. I am really looking forward to next year, and I hope to meet of all you to make it an unforgettable year together. Hope to see you soon at the university or at one of our socials!”


Secretary & Promotion - Jennifer Zhang 

Function description

The secretary is responsible for all external communication of the association. As the secretary, you are responsible for the mailings to students, membership administration, the annual planning, and planning activities. Additionally, the secretary sends official correspondence and the monthly newsletter and maintains the website. Besides being secretary, this function also contains responsibility for the promotion, such as merchandise and Social Media. 

About Jennifer: 

“Heeey! I am Jennifer Zhang and I will be the Secretary of TeMa Board 2022-2023!

I was born and raised in Winschoten, a small town in the northeast of Groningen. In the midst of the corona pandemic, I started my bachelor's degree in Business Administration at the University of Groningen. After more than a year of lectures in front of my laptop screen, I was itching for more challenges! That is why I applied for a board year. In addition to my studies, I am working at the RUG as a Teacher Assistant. In my spare time, I like go out with friends, have some drinks, go shopping, and I also really enjoy listening to music. Without a doubt, I believe it is going to be an amazing year! Hope to see you all soon!”


Treasurer - Pevi Wijngaarden 

Function description

The treasurer is responsible for the financial position of TeMa. All financial transactions of TeMa go by the treasurer: from general expenses to specific event budgets. Within the board, the treasurer monitors and decides the budgets of TeMa. The treasurer must continuously stay informed of the benefits and expenses of the association. 

About Pevi: 

“Hey! My name is Pevi Wijngaarden, 23 years old and I am the Treasurer of TeMa! I am currently studying for the pre-master Technology & Operations Management and I will start next year with the master's TOM. I grew up in Hardenberg, a small city in the east, but since last year I live in Groningen. To stay fit, you can find me on the tennis court, in the gym and sometimes on the mountain bike. I also like to party and be with friends. And finally, I work at Doppio where I make or serve the most delicious coffees. I am really looking forward to next year and I hope to see you all a lot!!”


Internal Relations - Martijn Tannemaat 

Function description

The internal relations is responsible for recruiting and retaining all committee members that will organize our events during the year. The Internal is the main contact for committee members within the association and facilitates training for them. Moreover, the Internal arranges all social activities of TeMa, like our monthly drinks and general meetings.

About Martijn:

“Heeey everyone! My name is Martijn Tannemaat and right now I’m in my second year of the BSc Business Administration. My home town is Enschede to which I go back regularly but right now I live in Groningen. Next to that I occasionally work at Albert Heijn and I’m also a member of GYAS. In my spare time, I like to play soccer, watch sports and chill with my friends in Groningen or Twente. I am very excited that from next year I will fulfil the role of Internal Relations for TeMa. I think it is important that everyone is involved within TeMa and has a great time. You can always contact me and I am really looking forward to seeing and meeting you all at the university, during activities or at the Interim! Together, let’s make next year the best year so far!”


External Relations - Bram Fortuijn 

Function description

The External Relations is in charge of continuing the contact with our current partners, for acquiring new partners and for the sale of our promotional opportunities. The external will visit every partner during the summer and discuss the possibilities for the coming academic year, among which the participation for our events. 

About Bram: 

“Hello everyone! My name is Bram Fortuijn, 23 years old, and I am the next External Relations for our beautiful study association. I am studying for the pre-master of Technology and Operations Management, and I am working hard to complete my last courses. Before I can start with the double degree program, I still need to pass two courses next year of my pre-master. In addition to my next school year, I wanted to take advantage of this unique opportunity to be part of this amazing board! I am from the lovely Brabant, where I can be found on a frequent basis. You can always get in touch with me if you want to visit the beautiful south of the Netherlands. In any case, I am looking forward to the new school year and hope to see you all at the university, our office or at the upcoming events. Hope to see you soon at one of our events!”