About TeMa

TeMa is the study association for Technology Management affiliated to the University of Groningen. Our focus is on serving students of the following studies:

  • Profile Technology Management of the BSc. Business Administration
  • (Pre-) MSc. Supply Chain Management
  • (Pre-) MSc. Technology & Operations Management
  • Double Degree in Operations Management

Our vision is to create cohesiveness among students, to the faculty and to the business community in order to make the best possible contribution to the development of our members.


TeMa was founded on the 26th of May in 2009 by Jelena van Gelder and Anna Paques. They shared the opinion that there was little contact between students and they wanted to have more study related activities. Eventually, they came to the idea to establish TeMa. Because of these special activities, they became honorary members of TeMa. Over the years the association has grown and we currently have more than 800 members. You can find the boardroom of TeMa at the interim (5414.0044).

Being a member of TeMa has a lot of advantages. By taking part in our social activities like the Batavierenrace, the Christmas Dinner and our monthly social, you will get to know a lot of people in a fun way and an amazing time is guaranteed. Our career activities contribute to expanding your professional network and give you a clear view of all the different companies of our business community. Besides, you can also just become a member because of study-related matters like summaries and different courses.

But TeMa organizes more! For example:

  • TeMa Conference
  • International Study Project
  • Weekend trip
  • InHouse Tour
  • Consultancy Days
  • Tech & Track Dinner
  • Sustainability Conference
  • Network activities

Are you enthusiastic about TeMa and would you like to enjoy these amazing activities? Then become a member of TeMa! For more information about TeMa and what TeMa can offer you, just send an email to board@temagroningen.nl.