Alumni Committee

For those who are not familiar with the term alumni; alumni are members who are already graduated and are now active in different functions in the business community. Especially to maintain the bonding between our current members and our alumni, there is Alumni Committee. Alumni can create a bridge between the students and the business community by sharing their experiences and network. As a member of the Alumni Committee, you will organize the Network Activity, aimed to expand your professional network. Furthermore, you will organize a regular Alumni Activity, which can be anything the committee would like to do. Our network of alumni is still growing, making this committee become more and more important.

The Alumni committee of '23-'24 consists of:

  • Chairman - Tijmen de Groot
  • Mark Kingma
  • Jeroen Kamphuis
  • Koen Terpstra
  • Meike Oost
  • Niek van Harten
  • Ruben Sieljes