Active Membership

TeMa offers besides the general membership also an active membership. You can become active by taking place in a committee which also has advantages. The active membership contributes to your social and organisational development. Together with a couple of fellow students you are responsible for the organization of the particular event your committee should organize. You will get to know a lot of new people and at the same time it is very informative. Nowadays, extra curricular activities like committees are more appreciated by business, which comes very handy! At the moment TeMa has 11 committees:

  • Activity Committee
  • Alumni Committee
  • Career Committee
  • Conference Committee
  • International Committee
  • Introduction Committee
  • ISP Committee
  • Lustrum Committee
  • Media Committee
  • Master Committee
  • ​Social Committee
  • Sustainability Event Committee

More information about the committees you can find here.

To thank the active members, TeMa organizes an Active Members Weekend and Active Members Activities. Do you have interest in one of our committees, just send an email to