Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a GMM-committee that has a lot of contact with the Board about solicited and unsolicited advice. Things that are often discussed are mostly strategic or multi-year in nature. For this committee, it is useful to have members who have been active in various fields at TeMa and in their study. In addition, there is also an external member, which provides a broad view of matters.

The Advisory Board will itself appoint new members during the transfer GMM in July. If you are interested in the activities of the Advisory Board or in a position within the committee, you can always contact one of our members during activities or mail to

The Advisory Board ‘23-'24 consists of:

  • Bram Fortuijn (Chairman) - Board '22-'23 
  • Thomas van der Geest - Board '22-'23
  • Martijn Tannemaat - Board '22-'23
  • Emil Mulder - Board '21-'22
  • Esther Kremer - Active Member