Conference Committee

​Like the name suggests, the Conference Committee organizes the TeMa Conference. This is also one of our biggest events that consist of a 1-day conference that often takes place in November. During this formal event, different companies will participate by giving masterclasses, workshops and readings. A lot of things need to be done to organize this event, such as acquisition, location, day organization etc. Are you looking for a challenge and do you think organizing this event suits you, then the Conference Committee is ideal for you.

The Conference Committee of '20-'21:

  • Chairman - Femke Oomen
  • Secretary - Elena Bakker
  • Treasurer - Klaas Schurer
  • Acquisition - Leonie Dikkeschei
  • Acquisition - Jeroen Kamphuis
f.l.t.r.: Leonie Dikkeschei, Jochem Kamphuis, Femke Oomen, Klaas Schurer, Elena Bakker

Hey! My name is Femke Oomen, I am 21 years old and I was raised in Stiens, Friesland. Since the second year of my bachelor I am a member of TeMa, switching back and forth from a passive to an active member where I, for example, helped to organise the ISP 2019. At the moment, I am completing my bachelor and am preparing to find out which masters suits me best. Besides that, I am currently working as a webshop operator for a fashion store, like to play sports and grab a drink with friends in Groningen. In the conference committee I have the function of Chairman whereby we will try as a committee to make sure that we will go beyond the achievements of conferences of the previous years. See you there! 


Hey everyone! My name is Elena Bakker, I’m 23 and will fulfil the role of secretary and promotion this year. Last February I finished my Bachelor International Business and I have since started with the master SCM. I thought it would be fun and educational to become an active member of TeMa in addition to my master. In my spare time, I enjoy doing things with friends, watching series, and baking. I am really looking forward to the coming year and hope we can organize an amazing conference for you!


Welcome everyone! My name is Klaas Schurer, I am 23 years of age and was raised in the beautiful village called Bakkeveen. In my spare time I am a big fan, and to a lesser extent, practitioner of (amateur) football. After studying Industrial Engineering and Management in Leeuwarden, I came to Groningen in September to start the pre-master program Technology and Operations Management. After attending the conference last year, contributing to the organization of this year’s conference seemed like an interesting challenge to me. As treasurer I am monitoring and controlling the finances of the conference to make sure that we can organize a really great event for you! Therefore I hope that you will all be there!


Hi everyone! I am Leonie Dikkeschei, I am 22 years old and I am raised in a village in Twente called Wierden. Last February I started studying Master Supply Chain Management. Before that, I studied the bachelor International Business and master International Financial Management, both at the University of Groningen as well. In the conference committee I am the acquisition and day coordinator. In my spare time I like to play sports or watch sports matches, be outdoors and to spend a lot of time with my friends. I am looking forward to organizing this year’s conference with my committee and I hope to see you there!


Hi all! My name is Jeroen Kamphuis, I am 22 years old. In September I started my pre-master Supply Chain Management. Before that I studied Industrial Engineering & Management in Zwolle and in the following year I worked as a consultant for a machine factory in Harderwijk. In my spare time I like to play board games, be outdoors and play sports. Besides Tema I am active at Scouting and the Red Cross. As an acquisition officer and day coordinator, I am responsible for making and maintaining the business contacts for the TeMa conference. I look forward to hosting a fantastic conference for you! See you on the 24th!