Conference Committee

‚ÄčLike the name suggests, the Conference Committee organizes the TeMa Conference. This is also one of our biggest events that consist of a 1-day conference that often takes place in November. During this formal event, different companies will participate by giving masterclasses, workshops and readings. A lot of things need to be done to organize this event, such as acquisition, location and day organization. Are you looking for a challenge and do you think organizing this event suits you, then the Conference Committee is ideal for you.

The Conference Committee of '22-'23 consists of:

  • Chairman - Jasper van der Duim
  • Secretary - Lieke Jansen
  • Treasurer - Tom Wienholts
  • Acquisition - Mick Jager
  • Acquisition - Jeroen Bel
  • Promotion Officer - Marc Snel
f.l.t.r.: Jeroen Bel (Acquisition), Tom Wienholts (Treasurer), Jasper van der Duim (Chairman), Mick Jager (Acquisition), Lieke Jansen (Secretary) and Marc Snel (Promotion)