Social Committee

‚ÄčThis committee is responsible for the organisation of several events. Among these events are the monthly socials in 't Fust! Here, the committee needs to come up with a theme, decoration and some special deals for beers. Besides these socials, the committee organises the Mid-Year party and the yearly Christmas Dinner.

The Social Committee of '22-'23 consists of:

  • Chairman - Michiel Muller 
  • Secretary - Daan Hermeling 
  • Treasurer - Nick Asveld 
  • Day Coordinator - Mees Sanders 
  • Promotion Officer - Manon Schuurman 
f.l.t.r. Daan Hermeling (Secretary), Michiel Muller (Chairman), Manon Schuurman (Promotion), Nick Asveld (Treasurer) and Mees Sanders (Day Coordinator)