Sustainability Event Committee

The Sustainability Event Committee (SEC) has been established since two years ago. Just like the Career Committee, this committee forms a bridge between students and the business community. The difference is that this committee is in contact with companies that consider sustainability to be of paramount importance and are often involved in this. During the Sustainability Event, you get the opportunity to learn more about sustainability and also get in touch with these companies. 

The Sustainability Event Committee of '22-'23 consists of:

  • Chairman - Martijn Brouwer 
  • Secretary & Promotion - Joëlle Smit 
  • Treasurer - Remco de Kleine 
  • Acquisition & Day Coordinator - Remco Hooijman 
  • Acquisition & Day Coordinator - Benjamin Sarkodie 
f.l.t.r. Martijn Brouwer (Chairman), Remco de Kleine (Treasurer), Joëlle Smit (Secretary & Promotion), Remco Hooijman (Acquisition & Day Coordinator), Benjamin Sarkodie (Acquisition & Day Coordinator)