Activity Committee

​The Activity Committee focuses, as the name already mentions, on organizing activities for our association. In this case, these are two social activities of TeMa, which are the Christmas Dinner and the Batavierenrace. Together with your fellow committee members you are (partly) responsible for the social aspect of our association by organizing these two amazing events. To get better insights about this committee, have a look at the aftermovie of the Batavierenrace of last year or at the pictures of the Christmas Dinner.

You can apply for this committee in September!

The Activity Committee of '21-'22:

  • Chairman - Bettine Vos
  • Secretary - Pevi Wijngaarden
  • Treasurer - Michiel Muller
  • Day coordination - Niek van Harten
  • Promotion Officer - Saskia Homminga
f.l.t.r.: Bettine Vos (Chairman), Michiel Muller (Treasurer), Saskia Homminga (Promotion), Niek van Harten (Day Coordinator) & Pevi van Wijngaarden (Secretary)