Lustrum Committee

F.l.t.r. Mick Jager, Esther Kremer, Mart Wierckx, Manon Schuurman, Jasper Stein & Bram Fortuijn

TeMa was founded on the 26th of May 2009. Every five year this will be celebrated by a huge party! The Lustrum Committee will be responsible for the organisation of the Lustrumweek, which consists out of several activities. They introduce themselves beneath.


Hi everyone! My name is Mick, 25 years old, and I have been given the opportunity to be the chairman of the third edition of the Lustrum Committee. I did my Bachelor in Food Technology in Amsterdam since I find this industry very interesting. After finishing this Bachelor, I decided to focus more on the elements in work that give me positive energy. After orienting extensively, I found out that efficiency is a really important aspect for me in every activity I do. Additionally, I was looking for a master that was more technical than my bachelor was to complement my skill set. Therefore, the combination of the masters SCM and TOM fitted perfectly in this description. During my first year in Groningen, I became a member and directly active member of TeMa by organizing the conference in 2022. Being an active member at TeMa was solely enjoyable for me, by organizing and socializing with young professionals with the same vision. Now, on the edge of my study career, I can definitely be satisfied with the majority of the decisions I have made. The Lustrum week will be my final dance as a student, so as far as I'm concerned this will be something to look forward to! I hope to see you all there! Be there or be square!


Hello everyone! I am Esther Kremer and I am fulfilling the role of secretary for the lustrum committee. I completed my bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management at the Hanzehogeschool and am currently pursuing the Master Supply Chain Management. Apart from my studies, I enjoy being active in TeMa. Last year I was the chairwoman for the activity committee, and this year, I am also a member of the Advisory Board of TeMa in addition to the lustrum committee. I have been living in Groningen for 6 years already (oh god I feel old), however I still enjoy it here very much. I love eating, drinking, and playing games with my friends. Counting down for the lustrum already, hope to see you all there.


Hello everyone! My name is Bram Fortuijn and I am the treasurer of the lustrum committee. I am from the beautiful south of the Netherlands where they celebrate carnaval like it’s every year a lustrum so I know how to party! Beside that, I am already known with TeMa for two years now. With the career committee, a board year as External relations & Vice chairman and the board of advisory can I add a lot of TeMa experience and values to the committee. When you want to sponsor the lustrum you can always give me a call otherwise buy a passé partout. I hope to see you all at our breaking boundary lustrum!

Acquisition & Day Coordinator

Hi there! I'm Mart Wierckx, and I am the Acquisition and Day Coordinator of this year's TeMa Lustrum Committee! This is my second year as active member at TeMa. Last year I did the Activity committee. In my spare time   I am rowing and coaching at Gyas, where I do yet another committee, the Gyas Meerkamp. And I love a beer from time to time, so you'll probably see me at TeMa socials. This year I’ll hopefully finish my BSc Bedrijfskunde, so i can continue with a Master. I am so much looking forward towards the Lustrumweek and seeing all of you guys there.
See you at the Lustrum, 
Mart Wierckx

Promotion I

Hee there! My name is Jasper Stein, 25 years old, and I have already been living for 7 years in the beautiful city of Groningen. As already said, together with Manon, I will be one of the promotion officers who will try to give this Lustrum as much color as possible! Last year, I already finished my masters SCM and TOM. However, I could not leave TeMa behind me just yet, thats why the committee still has to allow me near the meetings and parties throuhgout this year. I hope to see you al soon in the Lustrumweek, so we can make TeMa as unforgettable as it has been for me in the last several years!! 
Warm regards,
Jasper Stein

Promotion II

Hi there! I'm Manon Schuurman, and I am the promotion officer for this year's TeMa Lustrum Committee! Alongside my dear creative partner-in-crime, Jasper Stein, we handle everything related to promotion, such as the merchandise, the Instagram page, the yearbook, and much more! I've been an active member of TeMa for about 3 years now and a big fan of all the social activities, resulting in lingering in the city centre until the early hours ;). My love for the Groningen nightlife is reflected in my side job; catch me working behind the bar in the Negende Cirkel! This year I’ll be wrapping up my BSc Bedrijfskunde and dedicating my time to organizing the lustrum. I can't wait to see you all and make it an unforgettable, groundbreaking lustrumweek together with my amazing committee mates! 
Warm regards, 
Manon Schuurman