Introduction Commitee

For our study association, the beginning of the academic year is one of the most important moments, because this is the moment to recruit new (active) members. As a member of the Introduction Committee, you are responsible together with your fellow committee members to promote our association in the best way possible. This happens by organizing two Promotion Days and two Introduction Activities. During these activities all new members will have the opportunity to get to know other students in a fun way.

The Introduction Committee of '20-'21:

  • Chairman - Tessa Dijkkamp
  • Secretary - Luuk van der Molen
  • Treasurer - Jelle Soet
  • Anouk Eikelboom 
  • Jan Piet Hoekstra
f.l.t.r.: Luuk van der Molen, Anouk Eikelboom, Jelle Soet, Tessa Dijkkamp, Jan Piet Hoekstra