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EY gives its people the opportunity to work on great, complex projects and be at the cutting edge of the very latest developments. The world we work in is changing fast, and the same goes for the questions clients ask us. Standard answers and solutions are a thing of the past, which is something our people have to recognize and adapt to. This is why we consider not just your educational background but your entire personality. We want to know who you are and what you have to offer. We work with you to discover what your talents are, so that you can grow and become the best version of yourself here at EY.

What we do at EY Consulting
With 261,000 employees worldwide, we specialize in Assurance, Tax,
Strategy and Transactions and Consulting. EY (Tech) Consulting is the fastest-growing EY business unit andcurrently has approximately 20,000 employees. We join forces with our clients to create strategic change andnew, innovative ways of thinking. Technology almost always plays a key role: sometimes, issues are veryspecifically linked to a particular sector, to the utilization of growth opportunities or to the protection ofcompanies against all kinds of risk. The important areas in which we operate are: Certify Point, CFO Services(Financial Advisory Services), Cyber Security, Fraud & Integrity Services, SAP Competence Centre, Data &
Advanced Analytics, Financial Services Risk Management, Healthcare
Management, Internal Audit Control & Compliance, People Consultancy Services, Strategy, TechnologyConsulting, Supply Chain & Operations and Actuarial Services. See the back for an overview of all thespecializations involved. They overlap in part and the various specialists often work closely with each other.Many of our clients are large international enterprises. Our focus always extends beyond a company’s ororganization’s opportunities, figures and results, because our international purpose is: Building a better working
world. In other words, we strive to help our clients’ businesses but also contribute to the role they play in theircommunities and, as such, to a world that works better than it does today.

Highest performing teams
Although EY gives you a lot of independence, you are also part of a
great team of committed colleagues.

At EY, we believe that our teams achieve the best results if the
specialists in them have different backgrounds, talents and education and bring the ability to think flexibly and adapt easily to the table. We value the differences between people, because we firmly believe that individuals like this complement and reinforce each other. You and the other members of your team have access to the support and expertise of colleagues from all over the world in
more than 150 countries. Our field of operation covers the entire world, so you will be given every opportunityto shape your career along global lines.

Sound like something for you?

Would you like to join EY and help us achieve our ambitions? We are looking for colleagues who are resolute,socially engaged, and have a critical professional attitude and a focus on quality; people who aren’t afraid toinvest a lot of themselves in their work. If you would like to know more, come along to one of our recruitment events or contact us directly via