TeMa Board 2020-2021

Hello everyone! My name is Tom Strating, I am 22 years young, and born and raised in Hengelo. At this moment I am completing my Bachelor in Technology Management and after this I will start my Master’s degree in either Supply Chain Management or Technology & Operations Management (haven't decided yet). Next year, I will start my Board year at TeMa as the Chairman of this beautiful Study Association!

I am an active member of TeMa for already two years and I was part of the Social Committee in both these years being responsible for the Promotion and Day Coordination. In these two years I had a lot of fun which resulted in applying for a Board year at TeMa. Besides this reason, I also applied for a Board year because I feel that this is a great opportunity to develop my organizational skills even more by for example planning and organizing all sorts of activities. Apart from TeMa, I like to work out and play football. Furthermore, I am a big Formule 1 fan and I like to party!

At the moment I am looking for four fellow Board members with whom I can have a fantastic year. You can still apply until the 1st of June for the positions: Secretary & Promotion, Treasurer, Internal Relations and External Relations. So, don’t hesitate and apply for a Board year at TeMa!

I hope to see all of you soon at the next TeMa activity!

Tom Strating

Hello everyone! My name is Niek van Harten, I am 20 years old and was born and raised in a city called Steenwijk. Next year I will be in my third year of the bachelor business administration. I like all sorts of activities like travelling, swimming and cycling but my biggest occupation is definitely football. For the past 15 years I footballed at my hometown, but next year I will be transferring to  G.S.V.V The Knickerbockers witch I am very excited about. The past year was my first year as an active member at TeMa, but this was already such a good year that I wanted to be even more involved. So I am thrilled to say that for next year I will be the Secretary for the TeMa board. And despite everything that is going on in the world, I am sure that together with my fellow board members we will make this an amazing year for all our members!

Niek van Harten

Hi, my name is Mark Kingma. I'm 22 years old and come from Delfzijl, a small seatown in the North of Groningen. Here I have always been playing football and basketball, but for now I am good with watching others do it. In case you are curious about the Delfzijl legend and think you can live with a broken ankle or two, invite me for a game of football or basketball. This year I have started my masters Supply Chain Management. I've been looking forward to this, but the year 2020-2021 for me will evolve around fulfilling the role of Extern with TeMa.  I hope to take TeMa another step further in this crazy year and together realise fun career related corona-proof events. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the events and socials!

Mark Kingma

Hi everyone! My name is Douwe Jens Steensma, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently starting with the Master Supply Chain management. My roots are from a small village in Friesland and since a couple of years I am living in the beautiful city of Groningen. In my spare time I like to organise activities with my friends or doing physically challenging sports. For the past three years, I have been active within our study association TeMa. During these years, I was involved with amazing committees and great events. For next year I hope to continue with these activities and give you the best experiences in your student time. My function within the TeMa Board is that of Treasurer, which I really like. It is up to me to ensure that the finances of the association remain in order. I am looking forward to having a fun and productive year. Let’s see you all at one of our events soon or in the boardroom for a free cup of coffee.

Douwe Jens Steensma