SCM alumni - Meike Oost

After completing my bachelor's degree in International Facility Management at Hanze University, I started working. However, after two years of working, I started at the RUG with the pre master Supply Chain Management and subsequently, the master Supply Chain Management. I made this decision because I wanted a more scientific background in order to pursue different positions within (international) organisations and to become more knowledgeable about sustainability. 

The switch from HBO to WO was in my experience quite big in terms of assessment and study material. However, I do find it a valuable addition to my education. 

At the moment, I am working as a facility manager where I manage construction projects amongst other tasks. During my masters I learnt to make critical analyses of current and desired situations and how to implement change. The course Process Improvement and Change was therefore for me most valuable. 

The elective courses I chose were all related to sustainability. I am employed at an organisation that values sustainability greatly. During the sustainability related courses, I learnt to critically assess what is truly sustainable, search for best practices and deal with constantly evolving theory.