Join the Activity Committee: a word from the former Secretary

Hello! My name is Susannah and I was Secretary of the Activity Committee last year. As Activity committee, you will meet (almost) weekly, sometimes depending on how busy times are regarding your events. These meetings are often combined with dinners and/or drinks to discuss your week and the activities that you will be organizing together.

As secretary, you will be responsible for making notes of all important stuff you discussed and maintaining contact with parties involved in the events you will organize. Normally, the biggest events of the year for the Activity Committee are the Batavierenrace and the Christmas dinner. Despite the past exceptional year, we luckily still managed to organize alternative activities which were a lot of fun!

Personally, this was my first year at TeMa since I just had started my MSc last year. But through becoming an active member, I got to know already a lot of people from TeMa in a very short time, which was so nice and made studying more fun as well!