Join the Social Committee: a word from the former Chairman

Hi everyone, my name is Rutger Boneschankser. I study the MSc TOM and SCM and I’m the Chairman of the Social Committee. Together with my 6 great committee members, we are responsible for most of the social and festive activities that TeMa organizes. 

Three years ago I became an active member of TeMa. Last year, I chose to apply for the Social Committee because of the good balance between fun and workload. As part of the Social Committee you are in a team where fun is high priority and the workload is not that high. Organizing the activities can be done easily next to your studies. 

It was actually a really fun year to be a member of the Social Committee, despite the fact that all social events couldn’t be organized in their normal form due to the corona pandemic. Normally, we would organize the monthly socials, midyear party and the Diës. 

This year we had to be creative to make events corona proof. Therefore, we came up with the fantastic ‘Kopstoot’ master class provided by Hooghoudt. A Christmas bingo (including Bert and Suzanne in Santa clothing) and the ‘avond-slok’ pub quiz. These events were held in an online setting. Besides, we organized an offline event before the summer holiday. We played various games/sports on the water and at the beach.

I would recommend applying for the social committee next year because this is a great opportunity to organize fun activities, get to know your fellow students, and become a close committee.