Current TOM student - Pevi Wijngaarden

What academic program are you currently pursuing, and why did you choose this specific master's program in Groningen?

I am currently pursuing the master Technology and Operations Management. After my logistics management degree, I wanted to continue my studies. In logistics management the focus is very much on supply chain, and I wanted to broaden my knowledge. I also wanted to delve more into the technical/data side of supply chain operations. The master TOM in Groningen offers a nice combination of supply chain operations and data.

What was your field of study prior to pursuing this master's degree?

I first followed a 4-year higher education program in Zwolle, namely logistics management. Then I followed the pre-master technology & operations management and last year I started the master TOM.

To what extent do your expectations align with your experiences so far in the program, and do you feel that the courses align well with the intended learning objectives?

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to delve into the more technical side and data-related side of supply chain operations, and I think the master TOM covers that well. For example, I was introduced to programming, simulation, and mathematical modelling. The learning objectives of the master TOM involve dealing with big data, analytical tools and real-life experience to shape sustainable, human centric and resilient operations. I think these learning objectives are consistent with the courses of the master.

How do you perceive the relevance of the courses to your future career, and do you believe the program aligns effectively with the demands of the job market?

Since data is very important these days and will play a big role in the future, I think the master TOM is definitely going to be valuable for my future job. Digitization and industry 4.0 are emerging trends so the subjects related to programming, simulation and data analysis are going to be very important.