Current SCM student - Esther Kremer

What academic program are you currently pursuing, and why did you choose this specific master's program in Groningen?

Currently I’m pursuing the Master Supply Chain Management in Groningen. I chose this program because it aligns seamlessly with and serves as a natural follow-up to my bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at the Hanzehogeschool. I find the topics interesting, and the versatility of this Master’s allows me to explore various directions.  

What was your field of study prior to pursuing this master's degree?

I obtained a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management at Hanzehogeschool in Groningen, followed by a Pre-Master Supply Chain Management at the RUG.

To what extent do your expectations align with your experiences so far in the program, and do you feel that the courses align well with the intended learning objectives?

So far, my expectations align with the experiences. I found that during my pre-master, much of the material overlapped with my bachelor's. However, in my master's, I am learning more in the field of SCM. You approach the material in a different way.

How do you perceive the relevance of the courses to your future career, and do you believe the program aligns effectively with the demands of the job market?

When you start working, I think there is still a lot to learn, and you will encounter topics where you may not have sufficient knowledge, topics not specifically covered during your master's. Despite this, I am convinced that the master's program has provided valuable insights that will still guide you despite encountering new subjects. The master's program establishes a solid foundation upon which you can further build throughout your career.

Some courses may seem very specific, prompting you to wonder, 'Will I ever use this?' while others are more general. Despite this, I am confident that the knowledge gained can be applied effectively, even if it's not immediately applicable in your career. Overall, I believe that a master's degree provides you with many insights and allows you to look at topics in different ways. This can greatly assist you in your future career.