Board function: Internal Relations


Hi everyone. My name is Femke, I’m 22 years old and I am responsible for the Internal Relations of the TeMa Board. This is a blog where I will tell you a bit more about why I have chosen to do a Board year at TeMa, the tasks of my function and my own experiences. 

Last year I started my Masters in Supply Chain Management after finishing my Bachelor in International Business. I decided to become a TeMa member and I applied for a committee since I wanted to get to know more fellow students. I’ve been the acquisition & daycoordinator of the ISP Committee. Together with 4 fellow students we organized a strudytrip to Sofia (Bulgaria). Next to TeMa I also have some other hobbies: I like to have drinks with friends, to travel, and to discover some cozy coffee places in Groningen. 

As an active member it was really nice to make a contribution to our study association. Furthermore, I really enjoyed being present at the monthly socials and all the other activities being organized. At the end of my committee year I was quite in doubt whether or not I wanted to finish my Masters Degree in SCM immediately. At that moment I just finished my internship and I realized a large amount of skills I acquired there I would not have learned during my study. Therefore, I seriously started thinking about doing a board year at TeMa. Besides  I knew that it would also be a year full of fun together with my four fellow Board members. 

As the Internal Relations of the TeMa Board I’m mainly responsible for recruiting and selecting active members for our committees. The busiest times of the year for me are September and February when members can apply to become an active member. This means that, together with one of my fellow board members, we take interviews for students that applied for a committee. The nice thing about this is that I am in contact with many of our members and I also do know them very well! Furthermore, I guide most of our committees. Therefore I have weekly individual meetings with various chairmen in order to be up-to-date about all the developments within these committees. In addition I am also responsible for the offline promotion (all our merchandise and the posters), our promotion planning and the summaries we publice online. So in the end I have a broad range of tasks! 

I would definitely recommend doing a Board year at TeMa. You will get to know so many new people, you attend many fun activities and you will establish a close relationship with both your members and your Board members. It’s such a nice opportunity and from my own experience: time flies by! 

If you have any questions you can always contact me!


Kind regards, 

Femke te Velthuis 

Internal Relations 

+316 411 925 66