Board blog: Treasurer Jasper

My name is Jasper Platte and I am the treasurer of this year’s TeMa Board. In this blog, I will tell you different things about my task as treasurer and my life as a Board member. I hope that this blog convinces you to apply for the best position on the TeMa Board. 

What my week looks like

In general, I spend a lot of time at Zernike. We always gather in the TeMa office at 10. On Monday and Thursday, we start the day with a board meeting. The rest of the week is really variable. It depends on TeMa activities what you do in a week. However, as a treasurer you have fixed tasks that you have to do, for example, bookkeeping and sending invoices. It is smart to make a plan for your tasks. Furthermore, I started with my master's in supply chain management before the Board year. Because the Board is part-time, I can do one master course every block. If you have the right motivation it is possible to study next to your Board year. 

What my daily tasks are 

As a treasurer, you are responsible for the finances of the association. It is important to do this in a responsible way to stay financially healthy. I manage the TeMa bank account and pay all invoices. Also, I guide the committee treasurers in their tasks. Furthermore, I make sure that members pay their contribution and costs for activities. Moreover, I make sure that our partners pay their invoices. Acquisition is the most important income of TeMa, so it is crucial to send our partners the right invoices and take care that they pay them timely. Furthermore, bookkeeping is part of your task as treasurer. I do not have an accounting background, so sometimes this was challenging. However, when you understand the program it is a valuable professional skill. Next to the tasks I explained, many other ad hoc tasks will cross your path. 

What I like the most about being a treasurer

I really enjoy my Board year at TeMa. As treasurer, I like to have my own tasks and improve myself. There are so many opportunities to develop yourself. You have to take responsibility and make good decisions, but of course, everyone makes mistakes. The most important thing is learning from them and challenging yourself. Moreover, the social aspect is amazing. You get to know so many nice people. Both students and employees from companies. I made good friends, but I also gave my Linkedin a boost. Both things are really valuable for the future. If you like a challenge and want to have an amazing year: apply for the TeMa board! It is the perfect opportunity to develop yourself in many ways.