Board blog: Internal Emil

Hey! My name is Emil Mulder and I am this year's Internal Relations and Vice Chairman of the TeMa Board. In this blog, I will tell you everything you need to know about my function and my experience this year. I hope the blog excites you and convinces you to join the TeMa Board next year!

What my week looks like

Every workday, the entire board works at our ‘office’ at Zernike in the Duisenberg building. Twice a week, we have board meetings in another office. Monday night, we have our weekly Board Night. We eat together with the Board and drink some beers. Most Mondays, we also invite a committee or another board! Board members go to every TeMa activity. These are at night sometimes as well. There is plenty of time to spend with my friends besides the Board during my Board year. I also have two side jobs and do sports during the week. On the weekends, I usually see my girlfriend.

What my daily tasks are

As Internal Relations, I meet with the Committee members a lot. Mostly the Chairmen. I help them organize the activities and I am the point of contact for questions to the Board. Besides, I try to make sure everyone is having a good time and is happy within TeMa! 

Together with the rest of the Board, we also work on our policy for the year. We try to add value to TeMa as an association for the long term, by working on sustainable developments.

As Vice-Chairman, I join the Chairman in meeting with the Board of Advisory and Board of Supervision. I’m also responsible for the Board Meetings and activities if Kristyn is absent. However, Kristyn is almost always present!

What qualities suit Internal Officer?

I think the most important qualities of an Internal Officer, are the ability to communicate well and the urge to help Committee members. You have to enjoy organizing activities and you have to be creative in the organization. Besides, you have to be resilient and have to like working with lots of different people. If you have fun in these things, a Board year as Internal Relations is amazing.

What I like most about being Internal Relations of TeMa

It’s so much fun to do all these things with a fantastic group of people. You work side by side with people who will become your best friends. I have developed myself a great lot during this year and think that this will only continue in the next half year. I have met very many amazing people and have the Board function where social contacts are the most important time commitment. I highly recommend anyone to join a Board or at least consider it. It takes a lot of time and effort, but it is so much fun! Next to this, you also improve as a person during a Board year and become even more interesting for future employers. You can always contact me if you have any questions.