Board blog: External Ruben

Hey, my name is Ruben Sieljes and I am the external relations of this year’s TeMa Board. In this blog, I will tell you something about what the life of an External looks like and maybe even excite you to become the 14th TeMa board.

What my week looks like

Every workday we do our board tasks at our little office at Zernike. Next to the board meetings, we have twice a week, my main function is contacting companies and organizing interesting career events. My role aims to govern all the major career events, such as the TeMa Consultancy Days as well as to create awareness for professional development among students in general. As an External you work together with companies that have been a partner of TeMa for years and with new companies that you think can be valuable to your fellow students. Next to this, you will guide multiple committees that will organize career events for TeMa members.

What my daily tasks are

As an External, you perform a variety of tasks every day. Most of them regard contacting companies and establishing or continuing collaborations. You will be in charge of organizing career events that can add value to the students. This means a lot of meetings with different people to reach this goal. Also, you will be having contact with several committees and their members to guide and support them in organizing career events.

What I like most about being an external relations officer

I really enjoy being the External Relations of TeMa and I can say that I have learned enough about myself and what I want in the near future. It gives you the opportunity to come into contact with a lot of different people from many companies. Next to this, you will organize many big career events and it gives you a good feeling to see the effect it has on both students and potential employers. I can tell I have learned a lot from the past half year and all these skills will be very useful in the future. Furthermore, it has been an amazing time with my fellow board and all TeMa members who give you a lot of positive energy. In my eyes, it is the perfect way to learn, develop and grow whilst exploring what you enjoy doing.