TeMa Conference 2021

On the 23rd of November the TeMa Conference will take place in Groningen!

The event lasts a whole day and is devoted to the main theme. The goal is to create an interactive and informative day for students and businesses. The masterclasses and workshops offer the opportunity to introduce students to the companies. More than 10 companies and more than 100 students will experience an unforgettable day together. The overarching theme of this day is:

“Respond, Recover and Thrive: Searching for the Next Resilience.”

Now more than ever, we learned the importance of resilience. But resilience is more than just being able to handle isolated events. Resilience also encompasses the ability of a company to recapture focus and to turn setbacks around into other possibilities and opportunities. It is important to identify events as early as possible and prepare for the situation. We find it fascinating how different companies respond to different events, and how their strategy is visible in their daily activities.