Career Events

TeMa organizes many events throughout the year to connect students to their future employers. We keep looking for companies that fit the profile of our students who have specific knowledge of technology, operations, and supply chains. We would like to partner up and create successful events for you and the students.

A short overview of our biggest career events below.

TeMa Conference (November 2022)

Our largest event with around 120 participants at an external location. Once a year the TeMa Conference is organized where masterclasses and workshops are given during the day. Here you can make the career opportunities of your company known to the students in an interactive way. There is also the possibility to get in touch with the students in an informal way during lunch and social afterward. 

TeMa Consultancy Days (February 2023)

In total, 44% of TeMa members end up working at a consulting firm after completing their studies. During the Consultancy Days, we will visit multiple consultancy firms around the Netherlands. This two-day event will be filled with workshops, masterclasses, recruitment lunches, recruitment dinners, and a social. It will be the ultimate opportunity to present your firm to our students. 

TeMa Inhousetour (February 2023)

During this two-day event, we will visit four companies. It allows your company to give presentations, do a case study and give a company tour. Next to this, there is room for informal recruitment options such as a recruitment lunch, dinner, or social.

Sustainability Event (May 2023)

We at TeMa see sustainability as an important pillar of the present day. By organizing a Sustainability Event, we want to bring this relevant theme to the attention of both our students and our partners. The day will be filled with workshops, lectures, and a recruitment lunch. The Sustainability Event can give you insights from motivated students who will help your company with an issue by solving a case presented by you.

Moreover, we have many other events we can organize with your company. Some examples are below.

  • International Study Project
  • Workshop
  • Lunch lecture
  • Publecture
  • Training
  • Recruitment Diner
  • Informal activities

For more elaborate information about our events. Please contact our External Relations Officer.