Alumni members and TeMa are very valuable to each other. Alumni members are the people who have been a member of TeMa during their studies at the University of Groningen and have graduated. TeMa is valuable for their alumni members in various ways. An annual activity is organized for alumni members where they can get in contact with each other and can socialize. In addition, a Network Activity is also organized where alumni members and master students are invited. Finally, you will receive as an alumni member twice a year to stay informed about interesting news. However, alumni members can also be valuable for TeMa. Alumni members can place TeMa in contact with potential partners. In addition, they can give advice about certain activities.

In order to make contact with alumni members easier, there are groups created on Facebook and LinkedIn. Here you can add yourself to keep informed about the activities. The groups can be found here: Facebook / LinkedIn

The alumni membership is free of charge. Are you graduating and do you want to become an alumnus? Sent an email to

Besides the alumni membership, TeMa also has a donorship. This means that someone donates an amount to the association without getting something in return for his. If you are interested in it, you can also contact the secretary of the board by emailing to

Do you have questions with regards to the alumni membership? Please contact:

Joƫlle Smit
Secretary & Promotion
TeMa Board 2023 - 2024
+31 6 26 32 62 39