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Alumni Blog: Sharmaine Linker

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Hi everyone,

As I am sitting in the ITO tower, with a nice view over the Zuidas of Amsterdam, I am writing an alumni blog to give you some insights about my working life. Some of you may know me, others might not. So, first a short introduction of myself: my name is Sharmaine, and in March I graduated the master TOM. I have been a member of TeMa for four years, I have been part of the Promotion Committee, the ISP Committee, and currently I am in the Alumni Committee. Furthermore, I joined the ISP three times, ran the Batavierenrace two times, and was present at a lot of social activities, and I will certainly come back during the Lustrum to celebrate the 10th birthday of TeMa.

One of the career activities I joined, was the inhouseday to Accenture, in the third year of my bachelor. We had an interesting day with a nice social as a closing activity. At the end, we were left behind on the 16th floor of the building with no clue on how to leave the building. By now, I know that the 16th floor has a nice coffee bar, a really good canteen, and that you need to go to the 15th or 17th floor first, before you can leave the building. From this you can conclude that I applied at Accenture and that I was hired.

By now I am working for about eight weeks, and for two days I am finally working on my own project! I was assigned to pressure cooking project, in which we need to deliver an entire project in three weeks. From the first minute it is intensive, and we need to stay focused on the final deliverable as the clock is ticking. Within Accenture, I am working in the technology (application & services) department, with an industry focus on Health & Public Services. My first client is a health insurance client, in which we will transform a department (with about 350 people in it) from working with a waterfall approach towards an agile approach.

In my first weeks I met a lot of new people, with different backgrounds, but all with the same mission: making an impact in the health & public services sector. It was shocking for me to find out how far this sector is behind compared to the market. For example, for one call to the Belastingdienst, the employee answering the call, must open on average 26 different applications. Imagine how much time, money, and frustration might be saved if they would be able to integrate all the functionalities of all those applications into one application.

Last week, I joined with about 60+ others a technology school in Heerlen. There, we learned all the essentials you need as a technology consultant. It will be about the different possibilities of cloud computing, about blockchain technologies, data analytics, etc. Next to the interesting things we learned during the school, we also found that Maastricht does have a closing time in night life, even on Thursday. Although I have regretted that I found out, because Friday felt really like hell, maybe I am getting old…

If you have any questions about Accenture, what I am doing, or about the transformation from study life to working life, don’t hesitate to send me a message! You can reach me via email (sharmaine.linker@accenture.com) or via phone (06 12 65 81 29).

P.S. For all alumni who are reading; don’t forget to come to the alumni drinks on the 2nd of November in Utrecht!

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